1. Nipoori Tandoor Charcoal Cooker

Based on a traditional Tandoor oven, the Nipoori is made from 2 cast aluminium pieces. Ignite the charcoal in the lower section, once the charcoal is fully alight and ready to cook with you can place the Oven hood on top.

After a short while the oven will reach temperature and you can then place your loaded skewers in through the opening at the very top. The Tandoor layout creates movement of heat by means of natural convection as a result the oven is even in temperature throughout. Within a short while your Tandoori Kebab Skewers are cooked and are ready to be eaten.

The Nipoori Design is quick, easy and simple to use and produces wonderful results every time.

2. Jumbo Chapati maker

The Jaipan Jumbo Chapati and Roti machine is not just a roti maker, but a multi-purpose pan that can be used to make many other dishes.

It features a scratch resistant non- stick surface which does not allow the roti to burn or stick to it. Make paper thin dosas, tempting pancakes, spicy chillas and so much more, effortlessly lifting them off the roti maker without sticking.

This non-stick roti machine takes over much of the tasks of a traditional pan and simplifies cooking in many ways.

3. Princess Electric Flat Bread Maker

Here is the first unique electric type of a Saj Convex Metal Griddle for Flat breads, Chapatti, Nann and Roti, as well as many more eastern style flatbreads.

Also perfect for other Mediterranean Flat breads and Pita Breads.

Adjustable temperature control, on off and temperature light, Safety feet for non slip.

This Roti Bread machine is supplied with full directions and Guarantee for 12 months. Flat bread making is becoming a popular alternative for the health conscious as well as those people interested in eastern and Mediterranean delicacies, these are very swift to do and make bread for many people in no time at all.

Chapati Roti or Saj maker.

4. Handmade Tava and Angithi Centrepiece

Enjoy Indian cuisine in Indian way! Delight in authentic Indian dining experience with your friends and family in this authentic tableware.

A set of a Tava 8 inches (platter) with an angithi, both having very traditional Indian look. Tava is a focal point serve-ware for Indian bread , tandoories and chapattis together with an angithi burner is for keeping food warm. This Tava is suitable only for serving food and not for cooking. The inner side of the tava, which comes in direct contact with the foodstuff, is made in food grade stainless steel. The external surface of the tava is made in copper. The copper sheet is hand- hammered to give it traditional artistic look.

Put tea-light candles in the burner and place the tava, loaded with your favorite snacks, atop the burner. Food will remain warm longer and help you enjoy the food more.