Indian Cooking Gift Ideas

Minas top 5 picks for Indian cooking gift ideas under £25

If you know somebody that likes Indian food and Indian cooking, then you have found the perfect place to find a gift for them. Mina has put together her top five Indian cooking gift ideas just for you. These are a mix of the essentials plus a selection of the more special occasion use.

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1. Copper Steel Condiment Set

Enjoy the authentic Indian dining experience. Pickle serving set as used in Indian households as tableware. The bowls in this serveware have stainless steel inners and copper outer.  The detachable handle is made in brass. Use for serving chutneys, pickles, vinegar onions to diners.

2. Hand Painted Tiffin Box Set

Handpainted by Kashmiri Artisans, this red tiffin – other colours are available – is a pretty and practical item. Each part of the tiffin is decorated with detail with care and skill.

It has a colourful flower design adding style to your lunch or picnic . This tiffin is functional and can be used to carry your lunch to work, school, college, beach or picnic.

This tiffin set consists of 3 pots, the largest (bottom) tier has a diameter of 13cm, the middle a diameter of 11.5 and the smallest one has a diameter of 10cm.

3. Set of 4 Copper Kadhi serving bowls

This is a set of 4 open vegetable serving pans called Karahi in India. Bring the curry restaurant experience into your home with these hammered karahi (serving pans) with handles.

They are made of high quality stainless steel with an outer layer of copper, making it resistant to heat and corrosion. These karahis are traditional tableware to serve Indian dishes, both dry kind like the biryanis fried vegetables or meat, as well as curry items like chicken curry or daal.

Please be aware that these karahis have two layers of metal, which enable them to preserve heat for longer duration. Therefore these karahis should be used only as centerpiece serve ware tableware. They should never be used as a cookware. The copper layer will keep the curry warm on the dining table. Double layer of metals with air cushion minimizes heat radiation.

4. Large Masala Dabba

This classic and popular dabba has an attractive design. It has 7 canisters around one larger container, which are all individually sealable.

The dabba comes complete with a selection of premium spices that includes, 70g of Turmeric, 60g of kashmiri chilli powder, 50g of garam masala, 90g of pilau rice seasoning, 60g of whole spices (includes, cardamom, cumin, coriander, cassia and fennel), a blended spice mix for butter chicken (60g), lamb curry (60g) as well as green chicken mix (60g). This essential spice mix has A perfect mix of classical ground spices, a choice of tried and trusted blended spices and a few whole spices.

A really perfect starter kit for anyone! An authentic, custom made, Masala Dabba spice box with measuring spoon (spice spoon).

All spices will also be sealed to keep your spices fresh

5. Indoor Electric Tandoor

The DreamChef Oven is a wonderful and unique innovative way of cooking. Unique in the fact that you can use it as an Oven, Tandoor Oven & BBQ. It is incredible the things you can cook with this product. Make mouth watering home-made grilled or Tandoori Chicken, fish or Veg, Kebabs, Tikka, Roasts, Tandoori Rotis, Naans and Parathas.

The DreamChef OvenTMworks on the convection method so circulating and distributing 360 degree heating, so food is cooked by the hot air rotating consequently it is not necessary for your food to be turned over during through cooking. You will be then left with food which has a crispy coating whilst remaining mouth wateringly succulent inside. It also extracts more oil from your food so you can have a healthy diet without compromising on taste.

Offered with the DreamChef OvenTMare two individual trays for baking and grilling/tandoori recipes.

Make mouth watering home-made grilled or Tandoori Chicken, fish or Veg, Kebabs, Tikka, Roasts, Tandoori Rotis, Naans and Parathas. you can even bake cakes!