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How are we able to cook Indian meals just as delicious as a dadima would for her circle of relatives? What are the culinary secrets at the back of the magic of a grandmother’s food? And how are we able to use that wisdom in our own kitchen to support our busy, fast-paced lives? These are questions which 25-year-old home-cook Anneeka answers in her debut book with a difference. Raised at the North-Indian, Punjabi cooking of her heritage, and inspired by her own dadima, Anneeka looks to grandmothers to bring simple, delicious and heart-warming food to her generation. Whether you’re after a nourishing, simple weeknight meal, need to throw an Indian dinner party or indulge in a cheeky treat, the dadimas have got you covered – and their food is a far cry from mainstream curries. The recipes include championed classics, (including aloo parathas, rotis, samosas and bhajis), light vegetarian dishes (such as daal, aloo gobi and okra), mouth-watering meats (spring lamb and crispy chicken thighs) and sweet treats (including carrot halwa and barfi). These are recipes passed down through generations, connecting generations. With helpful pointers to guide you each and every step of the best way (including tips on batch-cooking and preparing ahead), coupled with stories and anecdotes from the grandmothers, you can for sure feel inspired in the kitchen and beyond.



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